IHC Employee Spotlight: Raz Cody

Raz Cody

Raz Cody

IHC Employee Spotlight: Q & A with Field Technician Raz Cody

1.       What made you decide on a career in health care?

“When I was in the Navy stationed in San Diego, I decided to go into the health care field to easily get into the ‘death-care’ field (funeral services).  I was advised that it was the best route back then.”

2.       What is your educational background?  (Certifications, degree, etc…)

“I received most of my health care training at Basic Hospital Corpsman School in San Diego, CA.”

3.       Where are you from originally?

“I was born in Youngstown, Ohio but grew up in McKenzie, Alabama.”

4.       What do you do in your free time?  (hobbies, etc.)

“At this point, I do not have much free time.  I am enrolled at the University of Phoenix online studies majoring in business with a focus on entrepreneurial studies.  I am also considering re-enrolling in Funeral Service School.”

5.       If you could give any advice to people who are deciding on a career in occupational health care, what would it be?

“Make sure you are open to cross training in the occupational health field, because it helps to break monotony and it keeps your mind sharp.”

6.       How long have you been working at the Industrial Health Council.

“I started in April of 2008.”